Medieval day 8th. of September 2019

Our Medieval day will be organized 8th of September 2019. From 12.00 – 17.00

Harald Fairhair made Avaldsnes his Royal residence after the battle at Hafrsfjord at approximately 870 a.d. Avaldsnes continued to be a royal manor for his descendants up to approx. 1400 a.d
Håkon Håkonsson was one of the kings residing at Avaldsnes, where he built the St. Olav’s church in approx. 1250 a.d. The church was an important stop for the pilgrims on their way to visit St. Olav’s grave in Nidaros.
The Royal Manor project started excavations in the summer of 2017, excavating the main building of the royal manor complex that was at Avaldsnes during the 13th century. It was probably started by Håkon Håkonsson and finished by Håkon V Magnusson. In the outer harbour of Avaldsnes was the important Hanseatic trading station Nottow. The Hanseatic set fire to the royal manor at Avaldsnes in 1368.
During the Medieval day we will focus on the exciting history that took place at Avaldsnes between the years 1100-1400 a.d



Adults    NOK 150,- (includes the Historiesenter)

Children NOK  60,-  (includes the Historiesenter)

Children under 4 yrs – free.


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Jesters and medieval music in beautiful association with Ramashang


12.15 Jesters and medival music with Ramshang

13.00 Dressing of knights

13.30 Duels

14.00 Jesters and medival music with Ramshang

15.30 Battle reenactment

16.00 Jesters and medival music with Ramshang

16.35 Gun show