Viking festival at Avaldsnes 2023

The Viking Festival, Avaldsnes has become the biggest Viking Festival at the West Coast of Norway. The Viking Farm will  be populated by more than 200 Vikings from all over Europe, living in their tents. The Viking Festival takes place at The Viking Farm, a 15. minutes walk from the Nordvegen History Centre and St. Olav church.

Vikings with lovely crafts will be selling their goods and there will be food for sale to tempt your taste spuds. Angry Vikings are fighting in the theater to the audience’s excitement. You can also experience other entertainers, such as storytellers and music for your senses. You can also actively participate in archery, horseback riding, workshops and so on.

The Viking Festival Avaldsnes always takes place during the first whole week of June. The following years, the Viking Festival Avaldsnes will take place on the following dates:

2023: June 8-11th


Children NOK 70,-

Adult NOK 160,-

Students/seniors NOK 140,-

Family 2a+2c NOK 400,-


Opening hours:

Thursday 09:00-19:00

Friday       09:00-19:00

Saturday  11:00-19:00

Sunday     12:00-17:00


NEWS 2022- News for 2023 will be updated april/may 2023

For the Vikings, the concept of sport was in way an extended concept. It could for example include the scalds being practicing a type of sports. But, many of the sports practiced by the Vikings, often demanded physical strength, speed, resilience and endurance. Most sporting activities was a mirror of the skills needed to be a good Viking.

In compliance with the strength competitions of past times and today’s “strongman” and “strongwoman” competition, “Starke Viking” was started in 2017.

In 2022 we can welcome them to the Viking festival. Vikings will compete in different classes, for example using logs, boulders and pulling ropes.

The competition will last about two hours pr day.

Who will be the God’s giant at Avaldsnes?

For more information about “Starke Viking”, please visit their website:



Registration for participants

For all other questions, please contact the Festival leader, Monica Dimitrova;


Program will be updated here in May 2023